My Coaching Philosophy

When we are enchanted by leaders, it is not only their charisma that draws us in. It is that they are themselves. They know who they are, they know their values, and they are very clear about their purpose or destination. They do what they do and lead their way, as they do have a strong conviction that they are on the right path to fulfill their life’s purpose.

I know that everybody willing to look inside themselves is capable of doing the same.

Evoke the leader within, trust yourself and your inner wisdom and be aligned and authentic. Only you know the leader you can be, so dig it out and do it your way.

my vision is to help women own their space, lead authentically, and use all their wisdom, skills and power.

To summarize my leadership philosophy I divided it in three pillars to build upon.


LEAD From Within

I believe leadership is best when it’s from the inside out. We are all leaders if we tap into that power.

Every woman carries her very own, unique and authentic leadership qualities within. I consider leadership a way of being.

Every woman who knows herself and what she wants is capable to lead authentically when she taps into that power.

She has the capacity to draw from the wisdom of her head, heart and body to master any task and situation.



Your Space

The way to be perceived as a leader is to own your space. You - first and foremost - have to believe that you have a right to be in that place.

Cultivating a sense of self is important in our work together. I believe we can prepare ourselves before we step into the arena. Yes, we often have to (re)learn how to be true and take care of ourselves first though.

When we begin to own our space and we feed ourselves, our confidence grows and we start to naturally show up.


Create Your Life

Creativity is essential to life, it ensures change and transformation, it is our source for motivation and innovation and therefore most important for our development.

Apart from that, we know through research and history that creativity makes us happy, connects us with the world and enables us to move forwards, and overcome difficult times and situations.

Therefore, I pay a lot of of attention to evoke your creativity again.

I don’t believe you can put a number on success. You are a human being not a chart or a machine.

Therefore “success” is when you feel that

You are truly in your power.

You know yourself, your desires, your values
and your emotions.

You know what you want and who you are.

You can confidently show that to the world.

There is no number, nor a salary, a title or a promotion that can measure success - just you! My own story has shown that every promotion, every amazing project, every fantastic move around the world feels hollow after a while if it is not aligned with your core values and needs.

My role as your coach is to help you uncover the power you hold within yourself. I support your search for your inner wisdom, your true north, your leadership capacity and whole self by engaging your creativity.

If you are here, then deep down you already know there is more to you and how you show up in the world than currently can be seen.

Hello, I’m Nicole Kleemann

For 13 years I lived the dream - or so I thought. And to a large extent that is true. I had the privilege of working at Google in various senior leadership positions and I truly loved my job. It allowed me to explore and grow as a person, a manager and leader. I totally enjoyed moving across continents to work with the most amazing people and learn from different cultures.


While working in Ireland, I learned to be more adventurous and aim high. In Argentina, they taught me how to build lasting and nurturing relationships.

In California, I realized how to stand up for myself and really go after what I want.

And my good old German soul, has kept me grounded and assures that everybody and everything is safe and sound.

And all of the people I met and the circumstances I have been in taught me to trust - trust in myself, in my courage and that I can do what I set out to do.

What Do You Really Want?

One day, I just had gotten the promotion that I worked my ass off to achieve. And guess what? It did not make me as happy. In fact, it did the opposite. I felt burned-out, disconnected to my job, my team, our purpose...

Suddenly, I questioned everything and in particular I asked myself: What do I REALLY want?

What I really wanted was to be a professional coach. The most precious time at my job always had been to work with people and help them develop their careers, fulfill their dreams and become the incredible leaders they are today.

I always have been a strong advocate for fairness and equal opportunity in my teams, and therefore I realized how hard it could be for women to get to the top. When I joined my new team in Silicon Valley, I was the only senior women leader. And that was the first time I was in this situation in all of my 13 years at Google. Luckily my managers also saw the need for a well balanced team and how it benefited the organization.

And even though I was in a team and company that truly cared for equality, we all constantly struggled with unconscious biases and blindspots. It takes a lot of self development and awareness to change all that. And the work that I started here has made me realize that this is what I am truly asked to continue, even when I am not part of a corporate team anymore. I have a very strong desire to support women to reach the top and be able to do it in their very own unique way. Without a mask, or fundamentally changing who they are.

And that is why I am so passionate to help women leaders to step into their authentic power, to live their dreams and have fun while doing it!

You Do Not Have To Do It All Alone!

In my own personal journey to be the leader I wanted to be, I realized that my growth as a leader and the impact I was able to have, could not happen without my support network. I started to rely and engage a team of trusted advisers, mentors and coaches. They all helped me to navigate this journey to the life I want to lead with ease and speed.

All of them have my been my voice of reason, strengthening my confidence, encouraged me to take the leap and to follow my dream. I am truly happy to do be on your side when you are ready to lead the life you really want.

If you want to find out if I am the right person to support you through your own journey, schedule a complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Session with me now. My goal is to have you walk away from that session with greater clarity on what you really want and/or how to overcome the biggest obstacle you have in front of you.


Creativity As Source

I never thought to be creative - or at least artsy creative. That was my sister’s role. Or so I thought until 2015 when a burnout, a herniated disk and other malaise rendered me somewhat speech- and motionless.

Creativity and expressing myself through color, texture, forms, and symbols has allowed me to connect deeper with myself and to realize what I really want to speak (up) about. And on top of it all, it shows me every day what to bring forward to my coaching clients.

I’d love to share the joy of finding my voice, connecting with my inner truth and wisdom, and learning to own my space again. Join me at my art show in September or get inspired by My Creative Journey.