Hello, Iā€™m Nicole Kleemann

For 13 years I lived the dream - or so I thought. And to a large extend that is true. I truly loved my job at Google. It allowed me to explore and grow as a person, a manager and leader. I totally enjoyed moving across continents to work with the most amazing people and learn from different cultures.

In Ireland, I learned to be more adventurous and aim high. In Argentina, they taught me how to build lasting and nurturing relationships. In California I realized how to stand up for myself and really go after what I want. And my good old German soul, keeps me grounded and assures that everybody and everything is safe and sound. And all of the people I met and the circumstances I have been in taught me to trust - trust in myself, in my courage and that I can do what I set out to do.

What Do You Really Want?

One day, I just had gotten the promotion that I worked my ass off to achieve. And guess what? It did not make me as happy as I hoped it would. In fact, it did the opposite. I felt burned-out, disconnected to my job, my team, the purpose... Suddenly, I questioned everything and in particular I asked myself: What do I REALLY want?

And, what I really wanted was to be a professional coach. The most precious time at my job always has been to work with people and help them develop their careers.

So, when I decided to go for it, a whole bunch of worries showed up:  

  • How can I afford that? Who is paying the bills?

  • Will I feel lonely, disconnected, lost, overwhelmed etc. when I leave?

  • What if nobody wants to hire me? Am I good enough? Do I have what it takes?

  • What if my partner or I get sick?

  • ...

You Do Not Have To Do It All Alone!

Yes, leaving my secure, successful career behind was scary. But my desire to have the career I truly wanted, with a bigger impact and a balanced life was simply more important.

I realized the key to all these changes was my support network. The people I trusted and engaged to help me: my husband, my friends and family and highly important, the coach who helped me navigate this with relative ease and speed, to get quicker to the life I wanted to lead.  

And that is why I am so passionate to help you - women leaders - to live your dreams and have fun while doing it!

If you want to find out if I am the right person to support you through this process, schedule you own Breakthrough Session now. My goal is to have you walk away from that session with at least some clarity on what you really want and/or what might be the biggest obstacle right now.

Empowering and insightful session! Nicole guided me through an exercise, which enabled me to express myself through art, something I would have never considered myself able to do, and more importantly gave me great insights and grounding in how I am looking at my life and the questions I am trying to answer. Thank you!!

- 1:1 Creative Inquiry - J. K., Dublin, Ireland

I was very impressed how the Tree of Life let me discover and rediscover aspects of myself shaped by the past, my values and my dreams. It puts a striking picture together that is fun to do and impressive to look at with all it's aspects of my life.

1:1 Creative Inquiry - C. H., Mountain View, CA

I loved this fun, calming and enlightening class! Nic was comforting and supportive to work with, and I felt more grounded, focused, accepted and personally strong after her workshop. Nic is good medicine!!" 

- Live Webinar for Women - K.A., San Jose, CA

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and endorsements.


Nicole has extraordinary intuition when it comes to coaching, managing and influencing people. During that time, I was impressed how she changed the management culture to focus less on top-down directives and more to empower the front-line through coaching. She is an excellent coach, team builder and advisor.

- Jonathan Berent, director at Google

Nicole and I worked together when she was based in Europe for Google. She is one of the best people managers I have had the pleasure to work with. While in Europe she led a high performing team to deliver excellent results while at the same time coaching, mentoring and developing each individual on the team. Her team loved working for her and had only great things to say about Nicole. I would work again with Nicole anytime!

- Kathryn O'Donoghue, former director at Google

I met Nicole while working at Google. Nicole's approach to coaching, mentorship and management is what makes her special. She inherently understands that people are multi-dimensional and believes that to help someone thrive, we must understand the entire person - mind, body, soul - work, relationships, hobbies, etc.

- Paloma Aelyon, former colleague at Google