courageously transform your Life & career
to be more meaningful and satisfying.

For a while now you feel that your job does not fit you anymore. And you can't really put the finger on what has to change to make you happy again, feel fulfilled and welcomed in your life and career. 

My Lead, Your Way! Program is designed to help you - women leaders - to have the career and life you truly want.

It provides multiple levels of support through 1:1 coaching and personalized trainings, exercises and practices, so you can progress weekly towards creating the career you truly love. Within this program you are supported to overcome hurdles, resistance, challenges and worries that often emerge when you are transforming your career and yourself. You will find the confidence and clarity you need to lead your life and career the way it fits you.

The Lead, Your Way! Program provides a safe environment to get creative and explore what career and leadership style is authentically you. You will not only realize how to own your power and tap into your courage (by setting expectations and boundaries). You also will see how changing limiting beliefs (by turning feedback around) opens up new ways to stretch towards bigger goals.

Overall, you will realize how to be supported in leading authentically, and with intention and to be ready for the next steps in your career. No matter if you decide to stay in your job or pursue a new job, you will feel more aligned with what you do.

Even though I’ve created a robust program, it is certainly not a One-Fits-All approach.

Not A One-Fits-All -

Lead, Your Way! Is Customized For You!

There are many ways to enjoy your career and grow it into a prosperous and fulfilling venture, that fits your needs and allows you to balance your life with it.

The Lead, Your Way! Program is a 6-steps in-depth process customized right for you:  


If you are curious to know if I am the right person to support you, set up a Breakthrough Session with me. The Breakthrough Session I offer is complementary and my goal in this session is to help you get some clarity on what is really important for you to focus on right now.