My Creative Journey


I never thought to be creative - or at least artsy creative. That was my sister’s role. Or so I thought until 2015 when a burnout, a herniated disk and other malaise rendered me somewhat speech- and motionless. Now, in 2019 I have an art exhibition highlighting my journey toward standing in my power. I’d love to share the joy of finding my voice, connecting with my inner truth and wisdom, and learning to own my space again.

Creativity and expressing myself through color, texture, forms and symbols has allowed me to connect deeper with myself and to realize what I really want to speak (up) about. And on top of it all, it shows me every day what to bring forward to my coaching clients.

And as you will see below, I owe a great deal to all the teachers, coaches and therapists I met along the way and who guided me on this path (and I am only naming a few, there are many more).


Standing in my Power - Art SHOW

I’d love to welcome you to my art exhibition @ 337 Mirada Art.

337 Mirada Rd, Art Half Moon Bay, CA
Sep 13-15, 2019
11am to 6pm

I will show my art and my journey together with the art photography of my amazing hubby Björn Kleemann and other local artists.

I am looking forward to see you there. Until then, get inspired by my wearable art here and my story below the images.


Field of Dreams

This one is a drawing in my dream series. Dreams, realizing dreams, “Female Leaders Dream Bigger” is a major theme for me. I truly believe that we can stand in our power once we know our dreams and start moving to realizing them. 

I later drew 50 Dreams, a reflection inspired by my friend and neighbor. You can read about it and get your own playbook in this blog post.

Drawing: Pencil and Fine Line Marker 9x12”

Standing in My Power

She is one of the most important drawings I did this year. In this image I highlight the moment I felt tremendous joy and and gratitude (or victory), having grown and learned so much over the years.

Apart from the women in her power, this image highlights the importance of equal energy exchange, drawing strengths and nourishment from the roots, moving fluidly through the world and connecting to the sky with openness and wonder. Embracing life to the fullest.

Drawing: Pencil and Fine Line Marker 9x12”



Equal Energy Exchange

This image encompasses my desire to create fair and honest relationships and situations. Where each partner is welcomed to bring their unique gifts and dreams to create something beautiful together. I created this as a homage to my business coach Tara Butler Floch as she teaches and lives by this principle.

Apart from that the symbol of the interlocking hearts is also very dear to me, as I learned it through my very own creative awaking in Whitney Freya’s Creatively Fit Coaching Program. She calls it the Freya Knot, and in essence it means to come together from a place of love to create together whatever your heart desires.

Drawing: Pencil and Fine Line Marker 9x12”


She looks inward to find her deep truth, observing her inner world with deep love and gentleness. She is getting ready to stand in her full power and to speak from deep within her core. Her wisdom needs to be shared and heard by the world. She soothes gentleness, calmness, and serenity as she embraces the world around her.

“Here comes the sun! - Feminine Power, Trust, Passion, Love, Courage, Curiosity, Freedom. - Rise Above!”

I named her Zuza as a homage to my great teacher Zuza Engler.

Zuza = graceful lily. Lily = humility and devotion.

Acrylic Painting on Wood Frame 12x16”