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Creative Inquiry Into Your Life

in an exclusive mini-group

TREE OF LIFE - online workshop

Together we creatively explore your core strengths and skills, your dreams and desires, and your gifts. I will coach you through an inquiry into yourself that will lead to more clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are and what you really want to do.

This fun, creative workshop will be held online for a small, exclusive group of three woman. I will coach you all through this enlightening process (you will create your Tree of Life) and together we support and encourage each other.

All you need is some time, quiet space, paper and markers and a stable internet connection.

Hope to see you soon!

Previous attendees found it fabulous:

  • I loved this fun, calming and enlightening class! Nicole was comforting and supportive to work with, and I felt more grounded, focused, accepted and personally strong after her workshop. Nicole is good medicine!!

  • I was very impressed how the Tree of Life let me discover and rediscover aspects of myself shaped by the past, my values and my dreams. It puts a striking picture together that is fun to do and impressive to look at with all it's aspects of my life.I can see how this will help me reflect on the person I want to be and even making plans for my life moving forward.


How will this event take place?

We will be using for this online workshop. You will receive all information how to join in once you have registered for this event.

What can I bring into the event?

  • A large piece of paper - (I found that people like to have space to do this, you can tape paper together if needed - in case you have flipchart paper, take this, that is the perfect size)

  • Color Markers - at least 7 different colors

  • Color Markers - some that you are comfortable writing with, otherwise a few colored pencils or gel pens will do too.

What's the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds for this MARCH SPECIAL and this exclusive group. I really want you to be there with us. That said, if you know 24h in advance that you need to change your plans, you can gift your ticket to a friend. For this you just need to contact me to update the registration information.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, I need your most up to date contact information anyway to send you the log-in details for the event.

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