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LIVE WEBINAR: June 25, 2019  @ 11am (PST) (60 min)

LIVE WEBINAR: June 25, 2019
@ 11am (PST) (60 min)

Do you Feel…

  • The frequent desire to say No to an offer, invite or project but don’t say it?

  • You have more projects than you can handle? And do not even know how they got on your plate?

  • That pit in your stomach, but don’t know how to deny that request?

  • You have over-extended yourself, but do not know how to get out of commitments you’ve made?

  • Saying No to someone will disappoint the other person?

  • By saying No, other people will think less of you? Like you are not good enough, or you might not be able to do the job right? Or if you say No now, you will not get another offer or invite?

  • Puzzled by why it is so very hard to say No to a new project, invite or all the extra work you are asked to do?

Most women in our culture struggle with setting boundaries, negotiating responsibilities, distributing workload or ensuring the balance between career and personal life. And at the core of the solution lies the ability to say No.

However, due to our upbringing and the socio-cultural rules and norms, women in particular have a very hard time saying No. The path of saying No is plastered with fear, shame and guilt: The fear of not being enough or not being liked anymore, the shame that we will not measure up and the guilt that we might not be supportive enough of the people around is.

Throughout our lives women have been told to be nice, polite, supportive, cooperative… And while all these are great qualities, if taken to the extreme, they hold us back from saying No, when we really want (and need) to say No.

In this talk you will:  

  • Create awareness around situations that can “trap” you into a Yes,

  • Realize what is holding you back from saying No

  • Understand the immense benefits of saying No

  • Recognize the signs that it’s time to say No (and when it’s not!)

  • Learn simple methods so you can start saying No when you really want to

This webinar will help you learn to balance the demands of your life, get to know yourself better, and set your priorities properly. It will liberate you and have you show up more powerfully in your life for yourself and others.

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Knowing how to say No with more ease does not only benefit you but also your team and organization. The Wisdom of Saying No lies in understanding what you truly care for and how you can best support yourself and others.

  • Are you and your team curious about how to say No with more ease for the benefit of yourself and your organization?

  • Are you a group of women leaders that wants to understand why Saying No can be so difficult and how to change that?

I’d love to talk to you. Please contact me for further information and speaking engagements.

You can download my speaker sheet for The Wisdom of Saying No here or contact me directly through my contact form.

Book me for your women in leadership event

Book me for your women in leadership event