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Live Talk / Lunch & Learn / Workshop

We all struggle from time to time with setting boundaries, negotiating responsibilities, distributing workload or ensuring the balance between career and personal life.

And at the core of the solution lies the ability to say No.

The Wisdom of Saying NO is designed to…

…help you realize that saying No actually can build integrity and credibility.

We discuss how and why habits and fears can limit our choices and might work against our personal and career goals.

During the hour we look at the costs of saying Yes to too many things and the benefits of setting boundaries and expectations for ourselves and the relationships we value.

We finish the talk with strategies on how to say No more comfortably and start negotiating with more ease.

Do you want to…?

  • Build integrity & credibility by Saying No?

  • Realize what is holding you back from Saying No?

  • Understand the immense benefits of Saying No - to you, your organization, and your family?

  • Set boundaries and expectations that keep/create healthy relationships at work and home?

  • Get out of commitments that do not serve or please you?

The Wisdom of Saying No is for every women who is

  • On the verge of exhaustion or even burn out.

  • Taking on more than her fair share of responsibility on a consistent basis.

  • Challenged at delegating important tasks to her team or family members.

  • Afraid that saying No will damage her reputation at work or in her personal life.

I want you to find the time and space to say YES to the things you really want in your career and your life. Soon you will discover that saying NO is the key to excelling in your career and becoming the leader you really want to be.

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The Wisdom of Saying No @ Google

Aug 21, 2019

The Wisdom of Saying No @ Google

I like to share a few responses from the women at The Wisdom of Saying No @ Google.

My biggest takeaway…

  • It made me think about the impact to ourselves and to others when we don’t say No!

  • Understanding the cost of not saying No.

  • The diagram showing the space between the request and the action, and listening to the first emotion / reaction. 

  • Often we do it to ourselves with the assumptions, habits, beliefs, so taking space to consider can really help create awareness and build the muscle.

  • Calling out the triggers where we’re on autopilot and missing the opportunity to say no was tremendously helpful.

  • That saying No, more often than not, enables better solutions than if you say yes. 

  • I learned new techniques for saying no, especially when people do not directly ask you.

The Wisdom of Saying No session at Google was fantastic and I could use some of the tips the next day already. I found myself in a situation where I was expected to lead a large project before it was fully scoped and prioritized by the leadership team. What I learned during the session helped me to create some space first, buying time to fully scope the project and identifying an executive sponsor, before proposing an alternative way to resource the project. - Julika Zantow, Project Manager at Google

The Wisdom of Saying No @ Facebook

On Sep 5, I had the opportunity to talk to the women at Facebook’s HQ. Again, I felt truly inspired by the open and honest conversations we create in these moments and how this supports each person in the room. Some themes that were addressed today: 

  • How guilt and shame can sway as to say yes even if it isn’t our intention nor in everybody’s best interest.

  • Knowing what to fill the space with, that we create by saying no makes it much easier to say it in the first place. 

  • Saying No is part of a negotiation, as we want to keep the doors open and our valuable relationships intact. 

Feedback from Webinar Attendees

An excellent opportunity for reflection, coupled with practical strategies for learning how to say no! Nicole both encouraged and challenged me. Awesome way to spend a lunch hour! - Laura Ellingson, PhD - Professor of Communication & Gender Studies, Santa Clara University

My team joined as a group and we listened to the webinar together. I facilitated a short discussion afterwards, and the team overwhelmingly thought it was a good use of their time. Thank you for offering the webinar -- very interesting! - Kieran Casey, Director at Google

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Knowing how to say No with more ease does not only benefit you but also your team and organization. The Wisdom of Saying No lies in understanding what you truly care for and how you can best support yourself and others.

  • Are you and your team curious about how to say No with more ease for the benefit of yourself and your organization?

  • Are you a group of women leaders that wants to understand why Saying No can be so difficult and how to change that?

I’d love to talk to you. Please contact me for further information and speaking engagements.

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