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Today at the Ocean

I have been to the beach today… even though I woke up a bit grumpy and thought I might skip what I had planned to do. But then I remembered that the beach is my place to be, to create, to heal, to wonder, to think, to ponder, to get my feet wet and to feel the spaciousness that I need to do my work.

And while I looked at the surface of this beautiful Pacific Ocean I thought of all the things hidden beneath the surface and how similar that is to our lives. How long we are in the world not showing who we truly are? How do we keep calm, beautiful, serene, sparkly at the surface, but do not show the current underneath, the vastness of life underneath?


The ocean and it’s incredible life beneath the surface is under thread and it is reaching its limit. And not many people realize that, as they do not know or understand the ecosystem, so they dump everything into it and treat it carelessly.   

While that might sounds harsh, I think that is exactly what often happens to women. It definitely happened to me. I kept calm, collected, focused, successful, strong on the surface for a long time. - I ignored the needs underneath the surface, my emotions, my desires, my dreams. And because of this tough exterior people around me (as well as myself) assumed I could take more and more… Until I couldn’t anymore.

And then, I started to break out of old patterns, questions my beliefs, the things I had learned (and considered true) my whole life. Through coaching, creativity and bodywork I realized that I have a choice. A choice to live my life with the old stories and beliefs or find news ones that fit me better.  

It is at this very beach that I thought about my LEAD, YOUR WAY! program. A program that allows women to lead the life and career the way they really want to. An opportunity to courageously transform their careers (and lives) while having fun doing it.

Schedule your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION today if you like. Or safe this post for when you need for yourself or to share with others.