Puzzle Of Change!

TRUST is key to solve the puzzle!

Some of you know that I like jigsaw puzzles and recently got a very beautiful and difficult wooden one. I was attracted to the the title and the image alike as it is so reflective of life. 

What I realized this morning, is how this puzzle is a great metaphor for transformation and going through life changes.

When I decided to quit my career at Google to start my own coaching business I knew (roughly) what the result should look like. I got this preview picture (my dream) on the box. You know this tiny, shiny, grainy one, that you instantly fall in love with, but you have no idea yet how complicated it can get as you can’t see all the details and difficulties? This image that also never tells you how the pieces are cut out for you, nor does it tell you where to start or how to do it.

The only thing I had going for me was that I knew I was doing the right thing. I wanted this change, I was freaking ecstatic about it and scared shitless at the same time… (Roller-coasters have nothing on me anymore!). I trusted that all pieces of the puzzle were in the box, that I would start somewhere and connect the bits one piece at a time.

And it is true! I had to trust, trust that one piece would lead to connecting another one. When in doubt or stuck I referred back to the “big picture” on the box, asked for help, walked around the table to get a new perspective to continue, took breaks to rest and did something else and enjoyed the process as much as possible. Hey, the pieces are actually pretty cute and colorful. And yes, I finished the puzzle and I am ready for the next one and the next. In the end life is a never-ending puzzle.


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