A Blank Canvas for A Fresh Start

Every woman that reaches out to me generally wants to change something in her life or career. Sometimes it is a very clear goal she wants to reach, like a promotion or a job change. Other times it is a bit more vague, like needing a new challenge in the job, feeling bored or stuck where she is right now, wanting more confidence in business dealings, or figuring out how to be in a new job, role or life situation.

And some of you might think, hey that’s easy...

Actually, taking the first step towards these changes is not. It takes a lot of courage and it feels like standing in front of a blank canvas and not really knowing where to start.

And while we might get excited about all the opportunity in front of us, we still need to chose the color to start with. How can I know if I picked the right color? What if I picked not just the wrong color but also the wrong brush? And where is the water? How long will it take? What do I put on there? Can I do it?

… Sounds familiar?

I'm not creative / I can't paint. = I'm not sure I have what it takes.

Coaching is a process - like painting - we start together on a blank canvas and I guide you through the steps to create the life or career you want to have. I show you how you can use all of you (your curiosity, excitement, experience, skills) to transform what you like to change.

Starting somewhere... one of my first layers

Starting somewhere... one of my first layers

A blank canvas allows us to start fresh, with a new perspective, a new story, a new idea, a new dream…
Anything we want to.