Creativity & Leadership

Recently, while attending a training to engage in process and transformation that was taught in German. And I heard the word “Schöpfung” which translates to “Creation” or “Invention”. While that is beautiful and true, it does not capture one fundamental element of the verb “schöpfen” and that is “to ladle/draw/scoop” from source. The German term includes the notion that all creation comes not from nothing but from something. Something that is readily available, a resource just waiting to be scooped up by us. Imagine scooping up water with your hands. That is the source of creation. And creativity now is what you make of it. Metaphorically speaking: How do you use that water?


How can we use our creativity?

I am totally fascinated by this as I was trying to describe why creativity is so fundamentally important for leadership. And hearing that word, it finally clicked. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said “Creativity is the central source of meaning in our lives.” And that is true for leadership in my opinion too. Particularly, as I define leadership as an expression of your authentic self. Your source is not just what the earth provides for you, like water, soil and air, but also your skills, talents, experiences and the energy and passion that you bring to create the life and leadership you want.

That is why I focus on creative processes in my coaching program Lead, Your Way! Creativity allows us to re-energize, calm our nervous-system, put things into new perspectives and coming up with new ideas and solutions. Creativity engages us in a transformation process, that is tangible and therefore often much easier to grasp. And know the best part: it is already within you. You just need to uncover it! It’s like we sometimes need to dig a bit to get to the water.   

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