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We have all seen these categorizations: Right vs. Left-Brain-orientation, Masculine vs. Feminine traits, Logical vs. Intuitive. And if you are anything like me, you feel put in a box that is way too tight and limiting. The brain is way more complex and interconnected to be divided like that. We know it and research shows it (as does a 5-min TEDTalk ;o). The same is true for masculine / logical vs. feminine / intuitive traits. We all have all these traits. And the categorization has way more to do with nurture than nature.

We are all brought up in a particular way that reflected the science and belief systems of that time, the way our parents raised us, and what we have been exposed to. All that created our own personal beliefs (including limiting beliefs and inner critics). And unconsciously we carry that as behavior through our lives and careers. And even nowadays, with the very public conversation about blindspots, unconscious biases, stereotypes, etc. we still seldom recognize our own, or at least do not question our own beliefs, blindspots etc.

Coaching offers you to look behind your own curtains and figure out who you really are, what you really want and why you are here. It takes away some of the blinders, and opens doors that you probably never considered. Until recently, I didn’t consider myself creative or an artist - and still here I am being exactly that (and more).

What is Creative Leadership Coaching For Women?

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Creativity Is The Central Source Of Meaning In Our Lives

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Here is how I translate that: Using our creativity means using all our senses, our emotions, our body, our thinking, hearing, seeing, feeling, even our movement to figure out

  • Who am I?

  • What do I really want (from my career, in my live...)?

  • Why am I here?

  • How can I solve this issue?

It literally answers these fundamental questions. Not just with words - as we often do not have words at the beginning - but by using all our skills and resources to find the words and clarity we need to move forward. Creativity gives as the meaning, the energy and the break break we sometimes need to get that clarity.  

As one of the women I interviewed put it “Creativity is the Differentiator” between hard work and long hours and a successful, fulfilling career.

LEAD, YOUR WAY! program

LEAD, YOUR WAY! program

This and many other tools and principles are incorporated in my LEAD, YOUR WAY! Program. A program that helps you to courageously transform your life and career to be more meaningful and satisfying.

And if you like to know more or are ready to go, contact me to set up your own complimentary

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