Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

I work with women who are at the point of their career where they know something has to change. And not something small - it is time for a big change. They are either at a point in their career where they feel burned-out or bored, where they do not feel like they fit in anymore, and where they ask fundamental questions like:

  • What am I doing here?

  • Is that really still the right path for me?

  • What do I truly want?

These questions are difficult to handle and go through alone. They are often life changing if answered honestly. And life changing is scary and means consequences. If you want something new or totally different to what you have had up until now you are also very likely to have a lot of worries blowing through your mind that keep you stalling.

And “What if…” becomes your worst enemy.

  • What if I can’t support myself and my family financially?

  • What if they think I am crazy to leave such a high-profile career?

  • What if I can’t find something that I truly like?

  • What if I do not know what I really want?

  • What if….?

But here are a few “What if… “ that I really like

  • What if it all works out the way you want?

  • What if you deserve to have the life and career that truly fulfills you?

  • What if your dreams come true?

Change is not an easy path to walk, you have to let go of something to gain something, it’s a balancing act. And in order to let go, you need to know first what is truly import to you.

There is a reason why so many coaches, creatives, bodyworkers and therapists offer services to support people through this kind of transformational change.

You’ll need courage, grit, resilience but even more importantly you’ll need to know who you are, what you want and who supports you along the way. Very often that is not your immediate family or friends as they like you who you are, so you need to expand your network.

Let me recap. Here are some ways to change your life and career to be more meaningful to you:

  • Get very clear on who you are (Your values)

  • Be very sure of what you want (Your needs, dreams, desires)

  • Build courage, grit and resilience to follow through and be with your own doubts (yes, they will be a constant companion for a while) and the naysayers along the way (and yes, they do not quit easily either)

  • Create a real support system of people that encourage and help you

  • Relearn how to set boundaries and expectations

  • Learn to ask for help and support

If you are ready to make a bold change in your career and likely your life check out my Lead, Your Way! Program and schedule a complimentary 30 minute breakthrough session with me.