Who Taught You Leadership?

Leadership Is About YOU!


Who are you as a leader?

My first role model for leadership was my granny, Oma Lydia. She told me how, after the war, she walked for miles to exchange pieces of butter for bricks to rebuild their home. I heard stories of the women in my family fleeing from Wroclaw, PL. And while 500 miles might not seem much today, but imagine doing it by foot, fearing for your life and that of your daughters. All that takes grit, courage and determination.  

But she had not only that, she enabled and guided our development, initiative, and curiosity with loving care, empathy and compassion. She truly listened to our thoughts and opinions, didn’t ridicule our ideas, and freely shared her own opinions, so that we could engage in conversation. She had a strong North Star. You could trust that she would not suddenly change her mind due to the wind blowing from a different direction and therefore created psychological safety.  

Through Oma Lydia I learned early in life that you can go after what you want. I understood that leading is by example, that it takes courage, vision and grit and that you deeply care for the people you lead.  

My granny never had nor needed the title of a manager, as she was a true leader. She simply was herself, authentic and including others. And that is exactly what I support my clients with to find for themselves in my Lead, Your Way! Program.

Now You! Who taught you Leadership?

Do you find yourself in any of this? Who was your first role model for leadership? What does leadership mean to you? And how can you be the leader you wish you had? How can you lead with inspiration, courage and compassion?  

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