empowering female leaders
to live their dreams & have fun while doing it!

Every day you go to work. And for a long time you were happy and satisfied. The career path you chose seemed to have worked well for you. You were getting promoted and progressing nicely in your career. The people you work with were great and inspiring, your leadership role felt meaningful and in balance with your personal life and values. You did it, a successful career!  

But oops, that is past tense… So, what has changed?!

Do you really believe you are still on the right path in your career? Or do you doubt that this path is leading to what really fulfills you and makes you happy?

Do you lead your life and career with all your passion, wisdom and skills? Or do you feel there is something big missing?

When was the last time you checked what you really, truly wanted for yourself?

Do you feel like you belong and are acknowledged for your contributions in your company, team, relationships?

Do you want to become the leader you wish you had?

Do you lead the life and career that you truly want? Do you believe that you have a right to be where you are and that you own that space?


What do you really want? If you know you are not truly leading the life you want, you are in the right place. I know it is possible to change the path you are on to the path you want to be following. Wouldn’t it be awe inspiring to become the leader you wish you had?

Are you getting excited reading this? And at the exact same moment start worrying that you can’t just up and change your life and career? Yes, you can. It is absolutely possible. And it’s not as hard as you may imagine. I had all these same thoughts and emotions and have been in this situation myself. Until I was finally honest with myself and went after what I had really wanted for a long time.

As a global manager at Google I had an amazing career that I truly loved. I lived and worked on three different continents, met the most inspiring people and had what everybody would call a “successful career”.

Until one day, when I realized that this was no longer what I really wanted. What followed was actually a pretty difficult and sometimes even painful process: changing a valued, respected and secure career is scary. And still, my dream to coach women leaders was stronger.

Throughout my career it always gave me the greatest pleasure to help people develop their leadership style so that their career would fit them and not other way round.

And over time I decided to focus on coaching women leaders, as I have seen and lived through some of the following:

  • The way women are perceived in the world is not equal.

  • Women have and feel the need to find and fight for their space. We often have to learn and realize that we actually have a right to be exactly who we are and where we are.

  • Women often find themselves in uncomfortable, frightening or even dangerous situations.

  • The higher women climb the career ladder, the more likely they find themselves to be the only women in a room full of men. And that can be absolutely fine, but it is seldom comfortable. As a result, most women at the top deny their feminine strengths and try to fit in with the guys.  

  • Women have to deal with remarks about their looks, their communication style, their attitude, their abilities etc. more than men ever do. And in the long-run that is demotivating, tiresome and just simply annoying. It creates disengagement and unfortunately leads to leaving the space.

  • Many women feel like they constantly have to go against the grain, break the mold or the glass ceiling. Honestly, that energy can be used much better.

And to my biggest delight I have witnessed countless women step into their power, own their space, and lead the life and career they truly wanted. And I have designed my LEAD, YOUR WAY! program - a 6 step process to support women to do just that.  


What better time than now to create the change you want in your life and career? If you like to learn more about this process and how we could work together, I encourage you to schedule your complimentary BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.