empowering female leaders
to live their dreams & have fun while doing it!

Every day you go to work. And for a long time you were happy and satisfied. The career path you chose seemed to have worked well for you. The people you work with were great and inspiring, the leadership role itself was meaningful and in balance with your personal life and values. You did it, a successful career!

But oops, that is past tenseā€¦ Something has changed and you do not feel engaged, or happy anymore.  What has changed?!

Do you feel like you are stuck or even burned-out in your career? What you thought you wanted is not really what you want anymore?

Are you bored or fed-up by the never-changing day-to-day? do you yearn for a bigger challenge & more excitement in your job?

Do you feel what really matters to you does not seem to matter to the people around you? Are you ready to feel like you fully belong at work & your contributions are seen and valued?

The great news is that you are here! I know it is possible to change all that. No more dreaded workdays, with endless meetings that seemingly lead nowhere and are about the same old, same old. No more people and purposes we are not aligned or agree with anymore. No more working with people who do not value our passion and engagement. No more feedback that we are too emotional, too bossy, too aggressive, but instead we should be more analytical, collaborative, outspoken and be a go-getter...

Sounds familiar? I had all these thoughts and emotions and have been in situations like the above. Until I finally was honest with myself and went after what I have really wanted for a long time.

If you can dream it, you can do it.
— Walt Disney

As a global manager at Google I had an amazing career that I truly loved. I lived and worked on three different continents, met the most inspiring people and had what everybody would call a successful career. Until one day, when I realized that this was actually not what I really wanted. What followed was actually a pretty difficult and sometimes even painful process: changing a valued, respected and secure career is scary. And still, my dream to coach women leaders was stronger.

Throughout my career it always gave me the greatest pleasure to help people develop their careers so that these careers would fit them and not other way round. Over time I narrowed this down to focus on female leaders and their needs in this time of change.


I created a 6-step process to help you to transform your career to be more meaningful and in balance with your personal goals too.

What better time than now to create the change you want in your life and career? If you like to learn more about this process and how we could work together, I encourage you to schedule your complimentary BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.